"Ask the Experts": Live Q&A session on Sustainable Finance and Human Rights

Do, 17.06.2021, 11:30 Uhr - 12:15 Uhr

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Löning – Human Rights & Responsible Business


"Ask the Experts": Live Q&A session on Sustainable Finance and Human Rights

A practical session on sustainable finance and human rights: Focusing on the S of ESG.


Addressing the impact of the financial services sector on human rights is no longer a voluntary decision taken by progressive companies in the industry, but it is taking the form of increasingly mandatory legal obligations at national and multilateral levels.

In Europe, the shift towards this corporate accountability is very much driven by the EU Green Deal including the recent EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). For a short overview of the human rights-related requirements under the SFDR, read the briefing paper here.

This EU regulation is only the first of a series of new requirements that will see the introduction of the European taxonomy, an Ecolabel for financial products and sweeping changes to the management of financial assets and to financial advice. These new requirements will transform the business activities and decisions of all financial market participants. Banks, mutual and alternative funds, investment firms, insurance companies and their managers will all be impacted as lack of proper compliance will likely lead to financial but also reputational and legal risks.

This second session of the "Ask the Experts" series, is bringing together experts in human rights and financial services to address some of the most pressing questions companies have in relation to this changing legal landscape and especially in relation to the "S" in ESG.

This session will go beyond summarizing the various laws that will impact your business and discuss their practical implications. The second half of the event is dedicated to answering your questions.

During this session, you will also learn:

  • How investors can assess and mitigate the human rights risks of their business operations and investment decisions
  • How financial market participants are expected to implement human rights due diligence to comply with various regulatory requirements
  • What the next steps in the EU lawbook will entail
  • What innovative tools can help financial market participants effectively map and assess business relationship

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