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Conference: Sustainable Brands Barcelona

Sustainable Brands Barcelona is a meeting point and place of dialogue between brands, citizenship and the Administration. It is focused on sharing inspiration and providing value to the way of understanding the world and business from a sustainability perspective. This year, the second edition takes place from 22 to 24 May. The meetings will be led by Sandra Piona, partner at the leading sustainability consultancy Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing [I want to save the world through marketing].


Die Konferenz Sustainable Brands Barcelona findet vom 22. bis 24. Mai 2016 statt.
Die Konferenz Sustainable Brands Barcelona findet vom 22. bis 24. Mai 2016 statt.

Solutions and tools will be shared under the "How Now" concept so that brands can move forward with their strategies, attain a positive environmental and social impact and incorporate sustainability into their brand values. The "How Now" is a concept based on "how" to apply sustainability "now".

The location for the professional conferences on 23 and 24 May is the North Campus of the IESE Business School of Barcelona, the academic partner of the event. Thanks to the involvement of more than 40 world leaders from brands such as Lego, Adidas, Timberland, Philips and IBM, those attending will learn about interesting success cases and tools for implementing change. This way it will be possible to offer solutions to obtain more profitable and attractive business for investors.

This edition welcomes brands and leaders from the guest country: The Netherlands, a leader in the circular economy. This concept is based on economic growth through the production of goods and services in a sustainable manner, while reducing the consumption and waste of raw materials.

Some of the speakers of particular note are Tim Brooks, Vice-president of Environmental Responsibility for LEGO; Gerd Manz, Vice-president of Technology Innovation for the Adidas Group; Anna María Rugarli, Director of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility for VF Corporation / Timberland; Markus Laubscher, Director of Sustainability and Circular Economy at Philips; Paul Chong, Director of IMB Watson Group EMEA; and Koann Vikoren Skrzyniarz, CEO and founder of Sustainable Brands; to name but a few.

In addition to the professional meetings on 23 and 24 May, Sustainable Brands will be organising two other programmes which will take place on 22 May: Sustainable Sunday and Co-creating Cities, which place the citizen and consumer in the centre of any business decision making strategy.

Sustainable Sunday is a family event created so that citizens can enjoy sustainability through music, cinema and fashion. This is a leisurely day out at Cosmo Caixa with workshops suitable for all ages so that everyone can discover how they can contribute to making our world more sustainable. It is open to everyone and entrance is free-of-charge.

Co-creating Cities comes about to reinforce the ties between Sustainable Brands and Barcelona. The objective is to create a lasting impact that helps improve the quality of life of the citizens.


About Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Brands was founded in 2006 with the mission to inspire, involve and equip brands and innovative companies to ensure their profitability as well as a better future. It is a global community with more than 350,000 specialists from innovative companies and brands.

The purpose of these meetings, which are periodically held in different cities around the world (San Diego, London, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, etc.), is to raise awareness of the problems and opportunities arising from current environmental and social challenges. Furthermore, it encourages the participation and co-creation of solutions.

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